Decorative Accents

Decorative accents are essential in interior design because they provide the finishing touches that complete a space, personalize it, and elevate its aesthetics. They allow you to express your creativity, create focal points, introduce color and texture, and enhance the overall atmosphere of your home. Carefully chosen decor accents can transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary.


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200 Products

Imperial Empress Lidded Ginger Jar
Isabella Lantern
Crystal Bowl
Lena Shelf
Marble Jack
Marble Link
Casa Bianca Bowl
Sedona Wood Rectangle
Turkish Wooden Bowl
Palace Fret Bowl
Gold Wood Heart Bowl
Paulownia Wood Heart Bowl
Paulownia Wood Bowl
Grateful Dough Bowl
Wooden Bowl Oversized
Vintage Wooden Bowl Small
Celine Bowls
Pedestal Candle Holder
Serenity Corbels
Metal Knot

Out of Stock

Nudo Sculpture
Cassius Marble Sculpture

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Mother & Child Wooden Carving
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Select up to 4 items to compare.