There is a Designer within you!

Are you ready to cultivate it?

"I founded Audacious Designs with you in mind! There is a designer within you and it's my job to ignite it! That desire you have to make your house a home, you were born with it. You were created to create and you should be enjoying the process! So go for it, make your space uniquely yours! I believe you will experience tangible freedom as you walk this out. I believe that as you start to create you will experience the one who actually created you, and that my friends is what it's really all about!"

Designer Insider

Ground your space, add texture, color and interest by adding a rug. A great way to cohesively bring a space together!

The right art can soothe the soul! Wall art is a wonderful addition to complete a space, a way to bring your personality into your space. Choose pieces that are both beautiful and impactful to you!

Lighting is just as important as color. Create ambiance, add dimension and cultivate an experience throughout each space. Lighting is a powerful design element that you don't want to overlook!