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Does your decor inspire you? Inspire you to create a space you have always wanted yet perceived you couldn't accomplish? Inspire you to play with color, texture and pattern only to be provoked to create. To create a space that is bold yet hosts an atmosphere of peace and comfort. A space that you never want to leave, one that makes you come alive, brings you everlasting joy, joy that is etched deep within your soul? 

The creative process is a powerful tool ordained in every human to tap deep within and extract what already lays inside. When you undergo a creative process your entire body responds, when ingenuity is flowing from your brain and creativity is connecting through your soul there is a tangible experience of joy. You were born with the innate ability to create and exploring that creativity is a gift, a gift that continues to give. 

At Audacious we curate product that host the fullness of creativity from the artisans who actually create the product. Behind each piece is a person, a person who unearths their own creativity that you see in the end result of product. Art in and of itself is vast and not limited to what some may believe. It may appear as a painting, sculpture or even a hand crafted vessel. 

The area of artisan made product is truly endless. Behind each artisan lies a story, a why and at Audacious we believe that when that why is articulated it unlocks the creativity within you. We are passionate about cultivating a community of artisans that have the opportunity to release the fullness of their craft to those who will obtain the product that each artisan has poured themselves into. We believe that for those who desire to know more about the product the purpose and the impact that every purchase has will too be inspired to continue to create and exercise their own gift of creativity. 

Our Creative Artisan Collective launch is the beautiful unveiling of each artisan craft, saturated in personal testimony that carries the power of the creative gift. One that is birthed out of and flows with inspiration leading only to more creativity, impact and purpose. You were created to create and by doing just that your inner designer will begin to flourish!